Rolls Royce Electrification

Luxury car manufacturer, Rolls Royce has announced that it will officially be replacing all ICE powertrains in their portfolio with electric ones by the year 2030.

This movie starts with the Wraith replacement, dubbed Spectre Coupe being launched as an electric-powered vehicle in 2023. Following suit after the Spectre will be the rest of the lineup starting with the Cullinan, Ghost & Phantom all electrifying over the next 7 years.
Rolls Royce however will still produce the existing models with the V12 power plant. No new or future models will be ICE powered and will be electric only.

Why Electric: Rolls Royce has had an amazing year selling more cars than ever in its long 117 years of existence. With environmental benefit laws getting stronger, customers leaning towards electric power, and a ban on the sale of ICE cars by 2030 looming over our heads, electrification is the most viable option.
What this means is, that we have just witnessed the last generation of the Phantom and Ghost with that buttery smooth V12 under its hood.
Rolls Royce also mentions that the average age of their clientele has dropped, with the younger generation demanding more eco-friendly options. They also noted that almost all RR owners own some sort of electric vehicle today.

Does Electric mean Expensive: No. Rolls Royce operates in a segment that is not cost-driven but instead is substance-driven. Muller-Otvos of RR says that the task to electrify is huge and emphasizes that the Spectre, arriving in 2023 will be priced according to its market position and not on the basis of its powertrain.
The future electric Phantom or Ghost will not cost more than the current V12 petrol-powered car. While the V12 is known to smoothly sail up to illegal speeds easily, it will be interesting to see how Rolls Royce manage to spread out the massive amounts of torque linked to an electric powertrain.

RR & India: Currently, all 5 models of the British manufacturer are on sale in India. The Ghost, Wraith, Phantom, Cullinan, and Dawn have found a good number of homes here as well. The exclusive Ghost BlackBadge is all set to be launched over the coming months.