W223 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class to be launched on March 3 in India

The 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is all set to be launched in India. Over the course of the next few weeks it will join the GLS-Maybach as the flagship luxury models.

Looks: As with the W222 generation S-Maybach, the car is now 180mm longer than the regular S Class. It majorly carries over design cues from the W223 and looks like a stretched version of the same with a larger rear door. Some Maybach tweaks include a classic Maybach large slatted grille, uniquely designed wheels, a Maybach logo on the C pillar and a dose of chrome spread generously.

Interior: The cabin is carried over from the regular S as well with Maybach specified upholstery. It also gets upgraded trim inserts, graphics on all display touch screens and a digital instrument cluster which now feature the Maybach logos.

The Maybach is expected to be available in a 4-seat layout with the full length console splitting the rear individual seats.
Bells and Whistles: The Maybach comes standard with the chauffeur package which consists of powered rear seats, massaging seats and a special BOSS mode to move the front passenger seat ahead in max position for a lounge-like feeling in the rear seat. While it will receive more features than the regular S-Class, the final list for India is awaited.

Engines: Mercedes is expected to offer both variants of the Maybach in India – S580 & S680. The 580 replaces the 560 and is powered by the 4.0L V8 which will develop 503hp & 800Nm. In addition to this, a 48V mild hybrid system is also offered which adds a boost of 20hp and 200Nm to the existing figures.

The 680 comes with a 6.0L V12 which makes 612hp & 900Nm of torque. Both motors are mated to the same 9-speed automatic gearbox.
The Maybach will come with air suspension as standard and rear wheel steering, an option on the regular S Class will be standard on the Maybach.

Maybach in India: Mercedes Benz is expected to locally assemble the S580 with the V8 alongside the regular S Class at its Chakan facility. Initial units are expected to be CBU units with local production following the initial lot of cars. The S680 however is expected to be a pure CBU import.

Price: The Maybach twins are expected to cost over 2 crore rupees ex showroom India. While this a premium over the regular S Class, it also gets you a lot more car and seeing the success of the GLS Maybach, the S Maybach can surely see itself in more than a few homes.