The 991.1 911 Turbo S, a car which needs no introduction with this particular silver bullet being the fastest car to set a Lap Time around the BIC with a non racing driver at the wheel in an astounding 2.03.949.

This particular example puts down around 650hp, while it’s motor is treated to an eventuri Carbon Intake, CSF Intercoolers, An IPD Plenum & Y-Pipe, screaming to it’s redline via a K-Line Exhaust while sitting on a set of @bbs_germany_official FI-R wheels and just to ensure it doesn’t float away and to create the right amount of downforce, it has been fitted with a @moshammer_germany Downforce Upgrade ensuring track times are not good, but great!

The owner has taken weight saving to a whole new level with this 911 being fitted with a @liteblox Lithium-ion Battery that costs over a lakh of rupees 🔋 weighing in at just over a kilogram!

The Turbo S changes the sheer perception that fast cars have to be loud in their design, with it having a dual personality allowing it serve as a daily driver as well.

And for those who ask, the 911 Turbo S has an equally mad 981 Cayman GT4 equipped with a manual gearbox as it’s garage mate, one of the best garage duo’s if you ask us! #T97Exclusive

Shot By – Nirmeet Patil
Written By – Aakash Karlo