India’s most popular classic car rally shined brighter, in its 8th edition held on the 5th of December, 2021. The Mercedes Benz Classic Car Rally has gone from being an event where owners outnumbered the spectators to the contrary over the years. And this year was no different with overflowing crowds gathered outside the venue and on the route.
Curated by Perseus Bandrawalla, each edition of the MBCCR only gets brighter and better with more exotic and rare stars.


D Day: Taj Lands End on the morning of the 5th of December saw stars shine very bright. While a good number of stars arrived on the previous night and were lined up, it was the rolling ones which caught our attention.

Variety: The C,E,S Classes were present in various body styles, however it did not stop there! The SL class was also represented by models throughout the production years in factory condition. Coming to the rarer stars and the Adenauer limousines and 170V were the centre of attention.
A special trio of the modern classic SLS AMG were also present with their gullwing doors in the open position! Alongside the 3 SLS’s was a Maybach 62, part of the Goenka collection. The W124 Limo also made its presence felt splitting two V123 Limos.


Plan of Action: The stars aligned at Taj Lands End and were parked and lined up by 12 in the afternoon. After a short briefing by various dignitaries the buzz outside started to grow rapidly, with the flag off scheduled shortly.
Flag waved and off we went! Heading towards Worli were a convoy of several rare and marvellous Mercedes Benz vehicles. Diesels and Petrols purred along with the SLS’s flying ahead of the convoy with their V8 orchestras. The icon of modernism, the SeaLink was hosting icons of the past.
The traffic was superbly managed on the whole route courtesy of the Autocar Team & Mumbai Police.

Stars Realign: They flew in at a rapid pace filling up the parking lot once again. While the stars had completed their running appetite. It was time for the participants to feast on a scrumptious breakfast located with a view of all the stars.

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Photo Credits : Aniket Deshpande
Written by Aakash Kalro