Segway Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini (Limited Edition)

299,000.00 Includes Tax

Booking Amount ₹19,999/-

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Delivery within 4-5 weeks

Max Load: 100Kg
Speed: up to 43 km / h
Battery:432 Wh battery pack
Range: 25 km
Acceleration: 1.02G

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Introducing Segway’s newest collaboration with Lamborghini, the Ninebot GoKart Pro Special Edition. Turn heads with the upgraded sleek, beautiful iconic Lamborghini colour and styling, complete with a new speedometer, faster top speed of 40kmh, and synchronised V10 engine noise. This is truly a head turner that’ll give endless hours of fun for the whole family.


  • 43 kph Top Speed (3 kph in Reverse)

  • 25 km Maximum Range

  • 4 speed modes

  • Bright gold Lamborghini design

  • Auto-Centering Steering Wheel

  • Manual Drive Mode with 4 Driving Modes

  • Drifting system assistant with quick-detach tires

  • Rear-engine & rear-wheel drive layout (RR)

  • Emergency handle brake for quick stops


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After Sales Service?
Yes, However replacement or damage repair might take time as spares are not readily available

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After Sales Service?

Yes, However replacement or damage repair might take time as spares are not readily available

Refund and Cancellation Policy

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No refund policy

Items Covered in Limited Warranty:

This Limited Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship of the Product arising or occurring as a result of your normal and ordinary use of the Product for its intended purpose in accordance with the instructions of use provided by the manufacturer. In the event a defect covered by this Limited Warranty occurs, Segway will repair or replace your Product in accordance with the terms of this Limited Warranty. The applicable period for the Limited Warranty begins from the earlier of either: (i) the original purchase date of the Product from an authorized Segway Distributor or Dealer; or (ii) the activation date of the Product through the HUSE x NINEBOT by Segway App, and applies to the Product in the following ways:

Vehicle Body 1 year


Front Wheel and Hub Motor Assembly

Front Fork and Neck Assembly

Rear Fork Assembly

Control Board Assembly

Stem (Battery Cabin)




Folding Pedal

Spring Cable

Charge Port

Bottom Cover (Metal)

Other Components 180 days

Battery Charger

Battery Pack

Electronic Throttle

Electronic Brake

Components Subject to Wear 90 days

Handlebar Grips

Handlebar Ends

Rear Wheel


Front Fender

Rear Fender

Brake Light

Front Decorative Strips

Rear Decorative Strips

Deck Grip Tape

Bottom LED Strip

Front Fork Cover

Folding Pedal Cover

Reflective Stickers

Bottom Cover (Plastic)


Fastener Covers

Charge Port Cover

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Caused by abuse, misuse, neglect or commercial use.
Caused by improper charging, storage, or operation, including, without limitation, use contrary to the users’ materials, use exceeding specified height, weight and age limits, use on stairs, walls and curbs, or any extreme sport or exhibition use.
Caused by accident, collision, riding over obstacles, potholes, poor road conditions, racing, fire, water submersion, high-pressure water spray, freezing, earthquake, dropping, severe oxidation, or chemical solvent corrosion.
Caused by any repair that was unauthorized by Throttle97/Huse.
Caused from improper packaging or mishandling during shipment to the warranty-service provider. That is cosmetic, including, scratches, dents and the removal of protective coatings that are designed to diminish over time unless such damage occurred due to a defect in materials.
Caused by the use of the Product with, or any modification to the Product using, any third-party product, component or accessory that is not sold by Throttle97.
That does not arise from HUSE x NINEBOT’s product design, technology, manufacturing or quality.
Caused by the use of non-Huse supplies or consumables or the use of the Throttle97 supplies which are not specified for use with the Products.
Caused due to modification and integration with other products when the effect of such modification or integration increases the time or difficulty of servicing the product or degrades performance or reliability of the Product.

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