Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro-2 Orange-Blue

280,000.00 Includes Tax

Delivery within 4-5 weeks

Speed: up to 40 km / h
Range: 25km
Acceleration: 1.02G Max.
Fast Charging: 4H
Water-Resistant: IPX4


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Auto-Centering Steering Wheel

Replicate authentic driving experiences with an auto-centre steering wheel as if you were driving in the real world. The Paddle Shifter allows for seamless gear shifts, for an enhanced driving experience.

Manual Drive Mode with 4 Driving Modes

By pressing the power button on the controller, you can freely choose your driving mode. In Manual Drive Mode, you can take control of gear shifting with the paddle shifters. A long press on the paddle can put you in Park Mode (P), while a short press will place you in Neutral. Simple and easy to use for both the experienced driver or novice, the manual drive mode can tailor your experience, just the way you prefer.

Drifting system assistant with quick-detach tires

Built for drifting. The Drifting Assistant System allows you to pre-program your drifting experience depending on your own style or the site conditions.

Rear-engine & rear-wheel-drive layout (RR)

Professionally engineered and inspired by supercars, the weight distribution balances the GKP2 with 40% in the front and 60% in the rear.