Project Maybach by Virgil Abloh & Mercedes-Benz

A concept out of this world not only in execution but in thought as well. Virgil Abloh who sadly passed away earlier this month was the brains behind this all electric off road grand tourer.

Unlike anything seen rolling off the factory floors previously, the PB combines offroading with luxury. Being a pure concept, the PB will most likely not go into production. However it showcases possible options for Maybach to diversify over the coming years.

The Project is a 2 seater coupe, pure electric concept. At six metres long, the concept is a full 745mm longer than even the extended-wheelbase version of the S-Class.

The exterior is finished in a sandy monotone finish with a roll bar up front. Hints of high stake adventuring and off road ability are dropped throughout the body. The concept however still retains it’s sci-fi-ness and maintains sleek lines. The front chrome grille is a bold design element and is expected to be seen on actual MB production models.

The Maybach element is however in the interior. The project is all about wafting to your destination in the arms of luxury. While for now, it can only be driven by a physical driver, expect AI to replace the driver in the future.

From seats which fold down to become first-class flat beds to only the finest of materials. The first class seats are also packable to be reused in your high end tent on an adventure. Materials like polished aluminium, ultra-soft sandy leather have been used in the interior. The Jacquard houndstooth-finish headrest doubles up as a blanket and features integrated reading lights.

Project Maybach was more about having fun. Take the glass bonnet featuring solar panels for example or inclusion of a physical compass.

Don’t miss the Maybach branded axe, (for use in emergencies only)

Virgil was here.

Written by Aakash Kalro