Recreation of Magic: 2022 Land Rover Range Rover

Backstory: Why spoil what’s not broken? That is one of the questions that popped into my head when I was informed that LR has debuted the new Range Rover which will be replacing one of their best-selling model generations ever.

2021: The 5th generation of the Range Rover is now sharper, fully tech-loaded, and more eco-friendly than before. The 2022 car debuts familiar styling with tweaks on the surface in order to make it more relevant. It rivals the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS.

The front is nearly identical to the outgoing model besides the slimmer headlights which are now all LED across the range. A neater bumper and grill which does wonders to crispen up the front is also added now.

The side profile also remains the same minus the view of the updated rear profile which debuts the new C-shaped tail lamps connected with a central strip. It now features optional 23” inch rims which are as mental as the rest of the car. It also features the new now normal flush pop-up door handles as seen on other Range Rovers. The standard un-specced car however will feature 20” rims on both Standard and Long wheelbase cars.
The key element of the rear design is the absence of any sort of real or fake exhaust tips hinting at the design being thought of with electrification in mind.

Unlike the outside, the interiors have been heavily worked on with a layout featuring the ultra-modern and chic dual steering wheel laden with pressure-sensitive buttons. The air vents are reminiscent of the Q7 running across the dash. A massive 13” touch screen infotainment system sits in the center of the cabin. It features Land Rover’s new Pivi Pro software, which not only supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but Amazon’s Alexa, too.

Materials as always are maxxed out with Leather, Wood, and Metal on offer. This time sustainable alternatives in the form of a new fabric option that is said to emit 75% less CO2 are also offered. It contains wool, so it isn’t completely vegan friendly, though.

Here you can go three ways with a 3.0-litre straight-six P400 and a 4.4-litre V8 on offer if you want petrol. A 3.0-litre straight-six unit diesel engine is on offer in two states with a mild hybrid system of tune. Both the plug-in hybrids which use a 3.0-litre straight-six are linked up to an electric motor. These models both use a 38.2kW battery too, with a claimed electric-only range of 62 miles. An all-electric version is expected by 2024.

Off the beaten path:
The car has offroading in its name with a default ground clearance of 295mm, but if you need more, it can be raised by an extra 145mm. There’s a new ‘wade’ feature too which jacks the car as high as it can go and closes interior air vents. It also locks the car’s differentials to help it transverse water. It’ll manage up to 90cm of the stuff, matching the Defender.

As standard the Range Rover is a 5 seater however for the first time ever the long-wheelbase version can now be accustomed to fit 7 seats. This will attract families looking for a larger luxury mobile.

Bonus Features:
Rear-wheel steering is a new feature that comes at no extra cost. All cars come with an active anti-roll system to help minimize body lean in tight corners. New as standard across the Range Rover line-up is an adaptive air suspension system that’s capable of self-adjusting to suit the road conditions. It’ll even link up with the sat-nav to predict surfaces up to 3km ahead and prepare itself accordingly.

How will it fare in India?
Bollywood will for sure sap up a fair share of these tech-loaded lux mobiles alongside the industry moguls who will buy a handful for sure. The 2022 Range Rover proves that curves can work on SUVs and that you can go off-roading in style. The outgoing model has seen some unbelievable success in India, and we would place our bets on this one recreating the sales figures as well.

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Written by Aakash Kalro