Throttle 97 The Valley Run 2019


THE VALLEY RUN 2019- by Aakash Kalro of Throttle97

India’s Largest Drag Racing Event would be incomplete without the presence of India’s Largest Supercar and Exotics Group, and just like previous years, 2019 was no different, only larger in every aspect, the size of the engines, the number of cylinders, the number of members participating from Throttle 97.

13th December, 2019 was the date of the kick off on The Valley Run 2019 with two wheelers primarily running down the drag strip setting deadly serious times for the first two days with other cars of Lower CC engines also demonstrating their power from small sized blocks definitely raising the expectations for the 3rd year when International Cars were allowed to run down the Amby Valley Drag Strip proving that there is no Replacement for Displacement.

On the 14th of December, 2019 Throttle 97 set out from Mumbai knowing that they were there not only going to race but also to win. The cars from the group varied all the way from a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 to Mercedes’s Monster the C63 AMG in W204 and W205 guise with the W205 C43 AMG Coupe, E63 AMG Sedan and S63 AMG Coupe also being present there courtesy of the Mercedes Dealer.

While Throttle 97 was headed by the Aston Martin DB11 driven by none other than T97 Founder Damandeip Chaddha with it’s massive 5.2L V12 Twin Turbo setting the benchmark it was met with equal competition from Kolkatta’s Club GT member Parveen Agarwal’s Lamborghini Aventador S hosting a massive 6.5L NA V12 in a blacked out stealth spec.

As Dawn broke on 15th December 2019, Drivers and onlookers were equally excited for they were going to witness what they had travelled to watch, massively powerful supercars, super saloons, and sport cars roaring down the drag strip.

Little did they know that Throttle 97 had something special planned for everyone present there by arranging a supercar parade hosting all the cars from the T97 family, Lamborghini Mumbai and Mercedes AMG Dealer as well.

Lined up and ready to leave for the drag strip, thousands of horsepower were burbling waiting to take off, some with four wheel drive systems, some with power only to the rear wheels and some even front wheel driven cars such as the Skoda Octavia VRS which is known to be a sportscar killer with the right set of mods and proved to be true later that day winning a few drags against cars from grades above.

The Ford Mustang even though a fairly common sportswear proved that the same engine could be used multiple ways with some owners supercharging their 5.0 V8 while some tuned their NA V8s to maximum potential.

While the Americans were there with their burbling V8s, the Japanese also made their presence felt via the mode of the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X and many EVOS of previous generations along with Highly Modded Nissan GT-R’s pumping out astronomical figures from smaller sized engine blocks.

The Valley Run creates a platform pithing which diversity exists majorly. It allows all cars to participate irrespective of their engine size and category creating a race for everyone to watch and experience and T97 made sure to prove by having the most diverse set of cars running down the drag strip.

Several AMG , M Powered and RS Powered cars set quick times down the drag strip however the star of the day and event was the BMW F90 M5 owned by Uzair Ansari which broke the record for the fastest 1/4 Mile overall with a time of 10.532 Seconds astounding everyone as to how fast the F90 M5 could be while being a equally practical family car and seeming like a normal 5 Series.

Post this the Larger Cars started to line up for the drag races with the Aventador being the largest crowd puller thanks to it’s high pitched V12 exhaust note and capability to shoot flames on demand. Several V10s and V8s also were present.

With Cars from the Throttle 97 family taking 75% of the wins in the International Category it was nothing short of a victorious day for the T97 family, and in what better way to celebrate than have the view and soundtrack of Damandeip Chadha going wild drifting in his W204 C63 AMG Sedan dubbed Babadook, the 6.3 NA V8 roared to glory while burning through it’s tyres and having a backdrop of the sun setting in the hills of Amby Valley.

Joining him were a previous generation CLS63 AMG as well as a M4 which joined and went ballistic doing donuts burning their tyres into the thing Amby Valley air. An Epic end to an Epic Event, the Amby Valley Run 2019 was nothing short of a success for more than records and wins, Friendships and Good Memories were created.

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