Republic Day 2019- Throttle97

Republic Day 2019 – Throttle97

Republic Day 2019 - by Aakash Karlo

As Throttle97 tradition each year, members assemble in honor of the Nation we live in and take this opportunity to give back to the people of the country by having their prized possessions on display at the Ajmera i-Land grounds located in Bhakti Park, Wadala however this year due to certain unforeseen circumstances the drive and display was called off until the very last minute. Due to this the number of cars and members which turned up were comparatively lower, however that did not differ Throttle 97. From going ahead with the event.

In Association with Throttle97, Infinity Motors co organised the event and displayed the latest cars that they had on sale from various overseas manufacturers for prospective customers as well as enthusiasts and fans of the brands displayed.

Amongst the large span o brands they cover Infinity Motors displayed the Lamborghini Urus, the Aston Martin Vantage, The BMW M2 Competition, The Mini Cooper S Cabriolet, Countryman Facelift and the Ducati 1199 Panigale.

With the cars pouring in by the minute The Republic Day Meet was nothing short of a success for Throttle 97 who had a car collection on display as diverse as the world we live in with Multiple Generations of the C63 AMG lining up alongside cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale which is the only one present in the country.

Giving competition to the dealer Urus was a customer owned one, which belongs to an equally special garage consisting of a Lamborghini Huracan Performante, 911 GT3RS, Mercedes AMG G63 and a Mercedes AMG GT-S. With it being the first customer owned Urus in Mumbai, seeing one was a rare sight but seeing two even more.

Another few notable cars in the display were the Ferrari GTC4 LUSSO which unlike most super or exotic cars isn’t a garage queen, it is however used as it supposed to be, with the owner driving it between his homes in Surat and Mumbai racking up an almost unheard of 30,000 kilometers over the span of two years of ownership truly making it a Grand Tourer.

An extremely desirable sleeper, the BMW E60 M5 powered by a V10 casually baking in the Mumbai Sun post it’s drive.

A F10 M5 casually kicking up some dust as the owner takes off displaying the potential of a sleeper such as the M5.

A Wide-bodied and Supercharged Mustang owned by a prominent T97 member rests in the sun while a stock Mustang overlooks it from the back showing the mod based potential for the car.

Two Very iconic cars in one frame with the 981 Boxster GTS cooling down after some intense drift and donut sessions in the mud having an E92 M3 Carbiolet for company with it’s monster of a V8!

An extremely rare sight even in it’s non race form, we had the Maserati MC GT sport on display and had the opportunity to listen to it’s glorious V8 which has been tuned by the factory to sound like a lethal race car for the road.What is special about this version is that it is stripped for weight savings, with it having carbon fibre bucket seats over leather lined ones along with a roll cage in the place of rear seats and no floor mats but instead aluminium panels to aid the weight shedding process.

As we said before our group is as diverse as the world we live in and what better picture to show it than having the Italians, Germans, British in their finest all together on the front line.

Maserati with it’s Quattroporte, Mercedes with it’s E63 AMG, Ferrari with it’s GTC4 Lusso and Bentley with the Flying Spur.

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