VW Virtus Launch around the corner

The Skoda Slavia is making its presence felt. First with spy shots and then a camouflaged media release.

With the Skoda Slavia making its presence felt. Firstly with spy shots and then a camouflaged media release. The Slavia now is finally out in the open for people to see and prospectively book.

But very early on it was known that the Slavia will replace the Rapid, twin sister to the Vento.

So what replaces the Volkswagen Vento then?

Well rumours say it is finally here and has been spotted in the flesh by the people of the internet.

What is it: Dubbed the Virtus, the sedan will be identical to the Skoda Slavia in almost all mechanical aspects. Feature lists and attention to safety and quality is also set to be on par with the Skoda.

What will be different will be the exterior styling which is a step towards subtle. From the spy shots, the Virtus seems to have a smaller front grill along with a cleaner bumper. The rear and side profiles, while similar to the Skoda have been made sharper and less dramatic.

The Vento sold as the pricier sibling to the Rapid. Will the Virtus undercut the Slavia or will it be the other way around this time?

Written by Aakash Kalro

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